Washington Township Building

Planning Commission Subdivision Checklist

The following items must be completed prior to a recommendation vote of the Washington Township Planning Commission with regard to any and all proposed subdivisions. Click Here for Planning Commission Subdivision Checklist

Planning Commission Meetings

The Planning Commission meets on the second Monday of every month at 7:00 PM. Meetings are held at the Washington Township Social Hall, located at 1392 Fayette Avenue, in the small meeting room.

Lien Letters

Washington Township requires a lien letter for property lien information.  The fee is $25, payable to Washington Township Supervisors at 1390 Fayette Avenue, Belle Vernon, PA 15012. Please include the titled owner, address of property, and tax ID #.  Effective March 13, 2019 Washington Township requires a dye test for any property sale, transfer or […]

Veteran’s Memorial Sidewalk Brick Project

This is a fundraiser for the Washington Township Memorial Park, sponsored by the Washington Township Veterans Committee and the Fayette City/Washington Township Lions Club.  The bricks will be installed on the sides of the walkway approaching the Veterans Memorial. Please see the flyer for more information.       Veterans Brick Flyer

Veterans Banner Program

The Fayette City and Washington Township Lions Club has established a program to honor our military.  The one time fee to join the program is $100. Please click the link for banner info.  You may also pick up a flyer in the Township lobby or visit the website at http://www.troopbanners.com/fayette/. Veterans Banner Program

Paper Recycle Receptacle

We have 3 paper recycle containers on the Water Authority side of the building.  It is very user friendly and we hope residents will recycle paper!   Click on the flyer for more info!  Paper-Recycling

Aluminum and Glass

Use recycling bins for glass and aluminum recycling.  If you need recycle bins, please call 724-929-6333 and leave a message for the road crew.  They will make arrangements for you to pick up the containers.

Branches and Grass Clippings

Drop-off yard waste for township residents is in the back of the Township building, open daily. Yard waste and grass clippings only.  No other items are permitted. Violators will be prosecuted.

Veteran’s Park

Anyone who is interested in planting a tree in memory of a loved one who served our country, or would like to have their name etched on a paver at the memorial, please contact the office.


Mulch is free and available for you to take anytime you wish – located at the back of our Township building. If you would like our Road Crew to load compost for you, please call the office beforehand to let us know what day you would like to pick up. Road crew loading times are […]